Wurster Construction News

Wurster Construction recently completed two projects at the Healthplex Building on the Community Westview Hospital campus. The Women’s Health Suite and the Bethesda Colon & Rectal Suite remodel projects were completed simultaneously. The Owner representative from Westview was Howard Hughes and the Architect representative was Tim Cover with Studio 3 Design. Brad Hughes, Roy Beck and Joe Spitz were Wurster’s key employees on both projects.

The Women’s Health Suite, located on the 2nd floor of the Healthplex Building, consisted of 2 phases and renovation of 3,090 square feet. A dustwall was put up to contain the vacant front (Phase 1) while the users remained in their original space (Phase 2). Wurster built a new waiting area, check-in/check-out area, Weights & Measures area, 2 exam rooms and an exam room that the users temporarily used as a nurse station. After Phase 1, the users were moved to the new space and demolition took place on a large portion of the old area which created offices, the new permanent nurse station, exam rooms, a break room, restrooms, a lab and clean supply room. The project progressed over 6 weeks.

The renovation of the 2,991 sq. ft. Bethesda Colon & Rectal Suite took place on the 3rd floor of the Healthplex Building. It was a single phase project in an unoccupied space completed in 8 weeks. The project consisted of a waiting room, check-in/check-out, exam and procedure rooms, nurse station, physician’s offices, break room, restroom and a bio room.