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Built for Life Since 1938

Wurster Construction was founded in 1938 by Albert H. Wurster. From his beginnings as a realtor, he grew into building affordable housing in the Broad Ripple neighborhood of Indianapolis. In the 1940’s, Wurster expanded his business to commercial properties, while the 1950’s saw the company construct truck terminals to keep up with the growth of highway and car culture.

Albert H. Wurster’s four sons each found their way into the family business. Russell P. Wurster, a civil engineer, led the company as president in the mid-1970’s when the company began to focus on building and renovating medical office buildings, surgery centers, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. Another son, Fred C. Wurster, led the company until his retirement in 1998.

Albert W. Wurster is the third-generation leader of Wurster Construction, providing the continuity and integrity that has come to define Wurster’s services.

Wurster has always believed that hiring the right people, providing an honest day’s work, and a commitment to integrity and problem-solving are the backbone of the firm’s value to its clients. Our longevity is a testament to these values and each successful project a confirmation of Albert H. Wurster’s original vision.



Built for Life

Since 1938

Wurster Construction is a full-service construction management firm that specializes in managing challenging projects. From our family roots that stretch back to constructing Broad Ripple homes in the late-1930’s, we have grown to specialize in healthcare, hospital, and medical clients, as well as new-to-you or renovated commercial, institutional, educational, and religious structures.

At Wurster, we’re proud of our ability to see a job through from beginning to end, with a focus on problem solving, and an attention to detail, safety, and quality that is second to none. In 2018, we celebrated our 80th anniversary; after all these years, we’re still local to Indianapolis, a third-generation, family-run business whose mission is to provide integrity and expertise in order to solve your complex problems.

Though we’ve grown from our modest beginnings, our focus on quality and building our community means you can expect a flexible, professional firm regardless of the complex nature of your problem, project, or facility. If you’re seeking a team that’s as passionate and energetic about solving problems as you are, then contact us today-we’ll be around tomorrow.