Why Wurster?


Wurster Construction manages each project with an “open book”. The costs of construction is significant and we are committed to building trust through open dialogue and full disclosure.


Our 85-year history demonstrates that Wurster Construction is financially stable and will be available, for years to come, to “warranty” our performance.


Our long history in construction includes projects with complexity for life safety, life sciences, medical equipment, sustainability and energy efficiencies. We can offer a staff that can manage critical elements.


Wurster Construction offers a construction partner that has become known a “tried” and “proven” entity! Wurster Construction values the project opportunities afforded to our firm by our clients and our staff will work diligently to maintain the strong relationship.


Ethics is not an attribute often measured in the construction industry, but it’s one we proudly embrace. We are grateful to the hundreds of subcontractors who voted us to be the recipient of the 2014 Excellence in Ethics Award. Our core values of Honesty, Integrity, and Commitment are included in every project. Let us bring it to yours.


Our clients benefit financially from our assurance that we can capture the most competitive bidding environment available to our projects. Wurster Construction operates with “merit shop” principles, inviting both union and open shop firms to work side-by-side, free of interference, providing on-time, on-budget construction with safety, quality and cost effectiveness as our goal.


Our longevity for over 85 years is a result of the commitment we make to our clients on each and every project. Becoming a good partner requires that our staff respects the significance of our client’s best interest as their own.