Wurster Construction News

On Thursday, June 13th, we held our Open House celebrating our 75th Anniversary! We had an excellent turnout, fantastic food and an awesome setup! Thank you to everyone involved in making the Open House a true success!

Pictured from left:
Al Wurster (1998-present)
Fred Wurster (1989-1998)
Russ Wurster (1962-1989)

A gift was presented to Al, Fred and Russ commemorating Wurster’s 75th Anniversary. Their gift was a box that enclosed a thermometer and clock. A plate inscribed with the following was also inside:

In honor of your leadership and direction, which has insisted on a culture of Honesty, Integrity and Commitment to achieve customer satisfaction, employee well-being, and involvement in community needs.

The plate also included their name along with the years in which they served as president of Wurster Construction.