THE LUME at Newfields

Wurster Construction is pleased to have the honor of constructing the most recent and largest Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields exhibit, THE LUME.  The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields is the first to launch THE LUME in North America.  THE LUME experience incorporates nearly 30,000 SF of gallery and support spaces on the Newfields Campus, featuring nearly 150 state-of-the-art digital projectors focused onto a tapestry of surfaces, synchronized with a stirring symphony of music and aromas.

Wurster Construction enjoyed the opportunity to partner with Newfields and Grande Experiences to manage the renovation of the entire fourth floor exhibit and support spaces to accommodate the exhibit’s digital video and audio production stage.  The video aspect of THE LUME includes

  • a total of 193,055,048 total pixels
  • 29,167 square feet of projection surface
  • 1,343 feet of linear projection on the walls
  • 13,150 square feet of floor projection

The renovation also included providing necessary additional infrastructure and supplemental mechanical systems, as well as construction of a café and bar which features a menu of artistic food and beverage elements, along with a souvenir gift shop to complete the LUME experience.

Construction for the project began in late February 2021 with the project being completed for the premier opening on July 23, 2021.  Although this project offered challenges relating to coordination of the construction, exhibit installation and technology, the project team, including the owner, design team, exhibit designer, construction team, and various other artists and vendors responsible for the many details coming together to form the overall exhibit, worked closely together to ensure the project could be completed in a timely fashion for the patrons of the museum to enjoy.

  • Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields
  • Axis Architecture + Interiors and Grande Experiences
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • 30,000
  • Commercial