Compliance & Maintenance

General Maintenance Services

Outside of Construction Management / General Contracting services, Wurster completes nearly 400 to 600 general maintenance projects each year for our clients within facilities that must meet specific accreditation requirements. As part of our general maintenance services, Wurster follows a protocol to ensure that budgetary costs are minimized. Prior to any work being performed we provide clients a proposal of services that requires an authorization to proceed. Once work is completed, we document our time and materials on field labor tickets and submit for approval.

Door Management Program

The Door Management Program is an inspection program designed to continually maintain the doors and walkways within a building. Wurster Construction has worked with industry consultants to develop this particular example put in place for a healthcare facility where maintenance is a crucial component of facility access. The door inspection sheets describe each door, its location and the status of its operating mechanisms (i.e. door latches, closing devices, etc.). Each door’s record is kept in a master database file to record deficiencies over time, providing valuable historical information to a facility’s operations manager.

Barrier Management Program

The Barrier Management Program is an inspection program that maintains the barriers to specific sections of a facility.  Once a barrier plan is in place, Wurster Construction certified personnel, trained in barrier management or “Firestop Training”, inspect and maintain the barriers to effectively protect all areas of the facility.  One of the leading barrier management firms in the area administers Wurster Construction’s certifications for all designated personnel ensuring that we continue to provide cutting-edge barrier management service.